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A new thing? Or an old Love?

I went to Booksale yesterday when we were out malling. I chanced upon some book about Crafts and I immediately fell in love with it. I remembered just at that moment that I used to be a crafty kid. Making gifts from scratch and giving them to my siblings for their birthdays (which annoy them a lot because they want something bought :D). So the thing is, I don’t know what happened that I stopped being artsy and forgot about it.

I think it’s because of what happened to my family (a tragedy). So anyway, I think I still have patience to make those kind of things. and I think I would enjoy them still. Instead of actually pursuing Medicine proper after graduating, I was thinking of creating a business instead. I thought of “card-making” like that in the movie 500 Days of Summer, or baking or cooking which requires additional education in the field. But I know that I would like to open my own business. Anyway, if I would like to open up a business after graduating, I think I should start now just to test the waters. You see, this coming December my university always holds this Paskuhan (concert, raffle, free entrance for all) every year. They’re adding a bazaar this year in which my siblings and mom would be joining. I think using a small space in their booth, I could maybe put up my own works (crafts) and sell them and just take a look.

I think I should be starting making my crafts today (which will surely not happen because I don’t have the tools yet), so that I would have enough items to sell on December. Haaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy….

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