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I’m happy I got 3.0 in Genetics and EmbryoLab! Super happy, like the rest of my blockmates. We have a lot to thank for.

Thank you to God, because He listens. Thank you to my Professors, because they’re considerate. Thank you to my parents, because they’ve always supported me.

Before viewing the grades, what kept me sane all throughout the week were the blog entries of Love Peace and Yoga and My Secret Intentions. I learned, alongside with Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, to control my thoughts. I should really watch over my thoughts because they could turn ugly in a second. Instead, focus on the positive. I’m really doing it now. Focus on the positive. The mind is a very powerful thing, use it well.

So thank you for everyone! I don’t know if I have to thank myself too because I’ve done nothing. Although I did trust God to make this happen. Thank you Lord!

I promise to do better!