Learning to Love the World



I’m happy I got 3.0 in Genetics and EmbryoLab! Super happy, like the rest of my blockmates. We have a lot to thank for.

Thank you to God, because He listens. Thank you to my Professors, because they’re considerate. Thank you to my parents, because they’ve always supported me.

Before viewing the grades, what kept me sane all throughout the week were the blog entries of Love Peace and Yoga and My Secret Intentions. I learned, alongside with Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, to control my thoughts. I should really watch over my thoughts because they could turn ugly in a second. Instead, focus on the positive. I’m really doing it now. Focus on the positive. The mind is a very powerful thing, use it well.

So thank you for everyone! I don’t know if I have to thank myself too because I’ve done nothing. Although I did trust God to make this happen. Thank you Lord!

I promise to do better!


Can’t Reload my Grades Page!

Dreading the Day (Again)

Screenshot of my grades for last semester

On October 22, 2010, a Friday, me and my fellow Thomasian students will be taking a peek into our grades and after that, we’ll either cry because of too much sadness or jump with joy. Seriously. Who wants to fail? No one. I really hope we all pass! Oh Lord, please….

Elizabeth Gilbert Talks About “Having” A Genius

Watch and listen. 🙂 Great inspirational talk for creative people. So that we won’t sulking around by ourselves.

A new thing? Or an old Love?

I went to Booksale yesterday when we were out malling. I chanced upon some book about Crafts and I immediately fell in love with it. I remembered just at that moment that I used to be a crafty kid. Making gifts from scratch and giving them to my siblings for their birthdays (which annoy them a lot because they want something bought :D). So the thing is, I don’t know what happened that I stopped being artsy and forgot about it.

I think it’s because of what happened to my family (a tragedy). So anyway, I think I still have patience to make those kind of things. and I think I would enjoy them still. Instead of actually pursuing Medicine proper after graduating, I was thinking of creating a business instead. I thought of “card-making” like that in the movie 500 Days of Summer, or baking or cooking which requires additional education in the field. But I know that I would like to open my own business. Anyway, if I would like to open up a business after graduating, I think I should start now just to test the waters. You see, this coming December my university always holds this Paskuhan (concert, raffle, free entrance for all) every year. They’re adding a bazaar this year in which my siblings and mom would be joining. I think using a small space in their booth, I could maybe put up my own works (crafts) and sell them and just take a look.

I think I should be starting making my crafts today (which will surely not happen because I don’t have the tools yet), so that I would have enough items to sell on December. Haaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy….

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Star Wars <3

First entry of change

I really need to change some key points in my life. I have been feeling quite saddened lately and my mind begs for help. From all the things I’ve been doing, at the back of my mind, someone wants to break free and be, simply, free.

Things I’ve been doing..


At the first ever Thomasian Global Trade Expo of my university


We helped out in our respective booths.


This was me after my first attempt at Ananda Marga Yoga. Ate at Mushroom Burger Katipunan afterwards


HUNGRY. This was my breakfast after yoga

Can I just say that I really feel great when I’m in Ananda Marga Yoga Studio in Sikatuna Village? Yes, I do feel super awesome. Like there’s something in my life. That Life is actually alright.

The thing is, it’s hard to change when you don’t get support from the people around you. Especially when your family doesn’t know what you’re going thru, or that they don’t understand why.. They have questions themselves, have their own doubts, just like yours. Anyway, I just wished they could just let me be so that I can start.

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